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Tranpath mpF

Tranpath MPF, is Toyo Tires' fifth generation of minivan tire. It offers better handling performance at high level through its asymmetric pattern design which leads to the improvement of its overall pattern stiffness. In addition, a further reduction in rolling resistance has been achieved whilst also improving its wet performance. Tranpath mpF  also achieves a 23% reduction in energy loss by adopting a fuel efficienct low profile.

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Features and benefits

Asymettric Tread pattern
Inside pattern optimised for braking and traction Outside pattern optimised for handling and lane change stability
Tread base compound
High Tech polymer added (spirals) Increases base compound rigidity Prevents casing overheating
Interlocking Ribs
Outside and inside ribs feature interlocking blocks High speed stability Improved wet grip
Dual Compound Tread - Inside
Grip Polymer (in red) Additional grip polymer on inside compound Improved traction in wet and dry
Dual Compound Tread - Outside
Increased use of wear polymer (in yellow) Prevents uneven wear Improves handling