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Whether you go over land where no one dares to follow or you drive a powerful SUV, Toyo has the tires for your vehicle.

Proxes ST III

Proxes STIII is a summer SUV tire providing improved wet braking and dry handling for very high performance and tuned vehicles.


Proxes CF2 SUV

Proxes CF2 SUV was developed to complement the characteristics of smaller crossover and compact SUV cars.


Proxes Comfort

Developed to provide premium levels of stability and comfort for relaxed driving experience.


Proxes T1 Sport SUV

With excellent highway speed stability and precise handling on wet or dry roads, Proxes T1 Sport SUV answers the need for an Ultra High Performance tire for these executive cars.


Open Country U/T

New SUV tire for uban and highway use


Open Country A/T plus

Open Country A/T plus combines quiet and refined road use with aggressive off-road traction.


Open Country M/T

Open Country M/T is designed for extreme terrain off road while still offering safety and comfort on road.